Integrate Hivesigner

How to integrate OAuth2 on Web 3.0 apps?

In order to integrate Hivesigner into your application, you will need Hive account.

Create Hive account

If you don't have one yet you can create one on in with your app account.

Enable app

After you have your account, go to and login with your app account and update account type as "Application" .

Authorise Hivesigner

If you would like to use the OAuth 2 API for posting with HiveSigner server, you need to authorise the Hive account "hivesigner" to post on the behalf of your app account. Click here to do this and sign with your app account.

Finalize app account details

You can edit your app settings by updating your app account profile. Edit app settings, add avatar for your app, define redirect URIs for your OAuth2 integration. Make sure your application/website handles redirect URIs correctly.

That's it, after above steps, you should be able to write OAuth2 logics and start integrating transactions signing.

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